Club Committees 2013-2014

Standing Committees

Club Meeting
Speakers Hal Jordan
Set Up Peter Garrell & Tom Kallechey
Social Marilyn Charbonneau
Interclubs Monika Bryant
Door/Greeter Marilyn Charbonneau
Inductions Gregg Flegal
Membership Growth and Education
Membership Growth Rob Batchelder & Gregg Flegal
New Member Forum Tom Kallechey
Membership Recognition Dr. Bill Kirmes
Nominations Rob Dionne
Mentor Program Keith Raho
New Member Orientation Tom Kallechey
Youth Services
Celebrate with a Child Cindy Harrington
Eliminate Project Scott Minichiello
Read with a Child Dr. Bill Kirmes
Walk with a Child Rob Dionne
Community Services
Salvation Army Bell Ringing Shannon Sullivan
Service Leadership Programs
Builders Club Advisor - Derryfield Monika Bryant
Key Club Advisor - Bedford Maria Curran
Key Club Advisor - Derryfield Monika Bryant
Key Club Advisor - West Corri Wilson
Key Club Advisor - Manchester Memorial Monika Bryant
Service Leadership Committee Monika Bryant
Human and Spiritual Values
Human and Spiritual Values Rob Dionne
Attendance Dr. Bill Kirmes

Special Committees

Fund Raising
Auction Becky Tetrault, Shannon Sullivan & Debbie Landwehr
Gumballs Rick Petersen
Parking Steve Scheiner
Ten K Dinner Michelle Chretien & Scott Minichiello
Kommunicator Mike Arrison
Web site Emile Tetu, Mike Arrison & Tom Kallechey
Roster Tom Kallechey
Publicity/PR Keith Raho
Other Committees
Audit Fred Briggs, CPA
Budget Board of Directors
Donation Review Committee Shannon Sullivan
Insurance Emile Tetu
Safety Emile Tetu
Scholarship Rob Dionne
New England District of Kiwanis
Foundation / KPTI Liaison Monika Bryant
Special Advisor
Special Advisor Ed Bellemare